About Nwave

Nwave is a smart parking technology company that developed a revolutionary market-leading wireless parking management solution to help smart parking solutions providers and parking asset operators streamline their processes.

Nwave’ team leverages their own previous on-the-ground experience as parking solution integrators – to finally bring to market a product that truly meets and exceeds the demands of end users and parking system integrators – both in terms of technology accuracy, reliability and functionality as well as ease of solution’s installation and data/API integration.

Nwave has been exclusively focused on designing, production, testing and improving it’s ground sensor technology over the last 5 years – bringing the best science, manufacturing and quality-control processes together to result into it’s market-leading ground-sensor product.

Our Expertise

Nwave boasts a stellar team of physicists, data scientists, and engineers possessing a range of competences which allowed them to build a game-changing smart parking management system.

Operational Intelligence

IoT Networks

Mobile Payments

Big Data

Predictive Analytics

Software Integration

Our Core Values

Client-First Approach

Here at Nwave, our focus is to have delighted customers. We work hard to accommodate your company’s every need and requirement. By providing outstanding customer service, along with delivering great innovative products and service, we build long-term relationships with all our customers and partners.

Sustained Innovation

Unlike some companies that simply put off-the-shelf products together, Nwave prides itself on true innovation. Our core team are physicists and data scientists who have invented technology that is way better than “off-the-shelf” products. This is how you know you have the best solution ever deployed.


Nwave as the leading company among the smart parking solutions providers contributes to making cities eco-friendlier and its citizens healthier with the help of its IoT parking system, which helps reduce the volume of exhaust emissions and promote alternative transportation use, by allowing operators to work out differentiated pricing plans based on data analytics.

Data and Intelligence

We believe that the future of cities lies in the Internet of Things and the data and analytics that are necessary to be efficient. We take pride in standing among IoT pioneers and offering a wireless network, cloud service, and sensors that are forever changing the parking landscape.

Our Mission

Nwave’s ultimate ambition is to make the world a better place to live. Eradicating the anxiety and frustration of inefficient parking is the first leg in our journey. By offering cities, universities and businesses its affordable, environment-friendly, drivers’ stress reducing IoT parking management solution we are making a social, economic, and ecological impact on our society.

Our End-User Clients

Join progressive municipalities, universities and businesses that have already started leveraging smart parking technology advantages and building the cities of tomorrow.

Our History


Facebook, Microsoft Dublin, USCB, ARM projects launched. New US and international pilots in Germany, Italy, Sweden initiated. Partnerships expanded to include Associated Time Instruments, Circontrol (Spain). LoRaWAN-compatible sensors launched.


Major new projects in Northern California, USA, won. Partnership with All Traffic Solutions and JAPA established. Fourth generation sensors put into mass production.


Third generation parking sensors put into mass production.


Deployments in 5 cities across the UK. Proving 99%+ detection accuracy on large (statistically significant) dataset. Received financing from Silicon Valley’s Band of Angels and Sand Hill Angels.


Deployments in London and Dallas.


Authored “Weightless-N” open standard and delivered SDK to developers. Second generation parking sensors put into production. Won first place in Cisco’s IoT start-up competition, beating out over 100 companies.


Authored “Weightless-N” open standard and delivered SDK to developers. Second generation parking sensors put into production. Won first place in Cisco’s IoT start-up competition, beating out over 100 companies.


Ground breaking narrow-band wireless Low Power Wide Area networking technology (Raptor) invented by our founder and our MIT advisor.

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