Real-Time Smart Parking System for Better Employee, Visitor Experience and Improved Sustainability

ARM integrates Nwave’s smart parking technology, reducing parking stress and bringing workplace experience to the new level.


Arm is a UK-based corporation specializing in semiconductor and software design. There are over 3,000 employees in the company so to accommodate all personnel they had to expand to 2 multistorey and 5 surface car parks that embrace 1,800 spaces in total.

However, the expansion of the parking capacity didn’t help solve the problem and the employees were still struggling to find available parking spaces during morning rush hours. The company still experienced increased congestion around the premises and drivers had to waste 20 minutes daily on average to park.

To relieve the pain, Arm developed a sustainable transport plan that was supposed to stimulate employees to travel by bus, bike, and carpool to work. The company created special carpool bays around the campus but they were barely visible to the drivers. Another issue was the site managers’ inability to monitor parking occupancy and predict potential misuses. Due to these factors, carpooling was by no means so appealing to the employees.


To alleviate the traffic crunch and make parking more efficient and better managed, Arm was recommended to install parking sensors that would let monitor parking bays’ occupancy around the premises. The smart parking sensors provided by Nwave are installed at exits and entrances of multistorey car parks and on internal ramps. Utilizing Bluetooth communication, the system d provides not only parking space occupancy information but also implements wireless access control for every parking space by providing the information on who is parked.

The integrated system provides a consolidated view of how parking assets are utilized by employees. Thanks to dashboards, heatmaps and multiple data layers, the system is able to provide visualized trends, identify key metrics and build reports.

The campus smart parking system allows drivers to get real-time updates about available parking on their mobile phones and plan their commutes accordingly. The company can make better-informed space usage decisions, optimize costs, and offer better parking experience for its employees. Besides that, it is planned to improve parking utilisation by incorporating bay reservations for visitors and contractors.


Real-Time Availability

No need to circle around to find an available car park space. Saves time, fuel and reduces employees’ stress.

Access Management

Make sure every parking space is utilized in full compliance with the existing rules. Visitors, EV charging, ride-sharing, disabled parking are all under automated control.

Demand Forecasting

Opportunity to uncover future demand patterns and optimize infrastructure accordingly. “That which is measured, improves”.

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