A groundbreaking smart car parking lot management system that takes the stress out of the employee parking experience

Many companies today are suffering from poor parking experiences for their employees. Not only do employees waste valuable time circling around the facilities looking for spots, they get frustrated and become less productive at the workplace. Nwave can power your vehicle parking management system and offer you the ultimate solution of this and numerous other problems – our smart parking infrastructure. You manage your business with ERP, why are you not managing the most expensive real-estate assets you have now that you can get affordable occupancy data?


Easy Way-Finding

Nwave’s sensors generate accurate data per-spot occupancy in real time and transmit it to Nwave’s cloud, making the analyzed information available to drivers via mobile navigation apps and/or digital signage, guiding them in real-time to the nearest open spot.


Optimized Asset Management.

Nwave wireless parking lot occupancy tracking system allows directing employees, visitors, the handicapped, electric car drivers and other groups of drivers to their designated spaces. As a positive side effect, this can help encourage alternative transportation use. Enable enforced guest, loading, and briefing center parking as well.


Maximized Profitablity.

Data you can analyze and put into action now.

Based on data gathered over time, our vehicle parking management system can give insights into drivers’ behavior, unveiling underutilized spaces and directing traffic to them. Also, operators can learn about excess spots and get extra profit by renting them out. Create new spots by offering enforced car pooling.

Why Choose Nwave?

The Power of the IoT at Your Fingertips

It took Nwave over three years and a stellar team of an MIT professor and Nwave’s own physicist founder to develop the Nwave wireless vehicle detection sensors, network, and analysis algorithms. Today we proudly offer the best solution available on the market, giving our customers the unrivalled benefits of macro parking management, overstay detection, unauthorized parking control, and secure mobile payments, to provide employees with the best parking experience ever and asset operators with actionable data intelligence

Our Clients

Nwave has already helped multiple colleges and universities to leverage the potential of smart parking.

Nwave: the best parking sensor kit

  • 99.9% Accuracy

  • Up to 10 years battery life

  • Up to 3 mile range

  • 5 seconds detection time

  • Low-profile, surface-mount

  • Firmware updates over Bluetooth

  • Replaceable battery

  • SDI technology

  • Extended flexible APIs

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